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Every three years since 1998, Odd Eric has organized a Norwegian Woodturning Cruise.  I had the good fortune of being able to work on the 2014 trip, here are some my pictures of the cruise.



The cruise starts in Stavanger Norway, and travels up the coast to the North Cape.  In the menu items at the top of the page you may view the itinerary for this trip.  On the ship are some of the finest woodturners, carvers, textile artists, pyrographers, and knife makes in the world.  They offer classes and demonstrations in their respective arts, and provide tutorial lessons for the passengers of the cruise.  When the ship pulls into port, the ship becomes a floating trade show.  The ship contains a well equipped woodworking tools store. Manufacturer's representatives demonstrate scroll saws, routers, woodturning and woodcarving tools, lathes, bandsaws, sharpening tools, wood burners, and a host of other specialty tools.  The ship is open to the public at each port as they come aboard to view the gallery and shop for tools.  


When in port the passengers get to go into the Norwegian towns, and or take excursions to popular tourist sights.  These are described in the itinerary, and the pictures of some of these sights are included in the following slide show.  At this time I have not identified the location of each picture, but MAYBE will get a chance in the future.  For those on the trip, maybe some of the pictures will bring back memories.




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